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Testing the API

Shopclues API Testing Policies

Developers test their Shopclues API applications on production. However, some testing activity looks very similar to Sandbox. Our testing policies are designed to help you test your app while protecting our marketplace from abusive behavior.

1.If you create test listings, use low prices (< 100) and deactivate them as soon as you have finished testing.

2.Create listings in draft state when possible. This removes the need to deactivate them later and also helps you avoid listing fees.

3.Enable Developer Mode for your shop. This will further reduce the chance that a buyer will accidentally find and buy your test listings. Note that you will still be charged for any test listings you create in production, and you are resposible for paying this bill.

4.If you accidentally sell something, you must cancel the transaction. Contact Shopclues Support if you have any trouble doing so. Failure to fulfill or cancel the order will result in suspension of your account.

5.If you have any questions about how to test the API, please contact Shopclues Developer Support at

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