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Technical Integration

Key notes and terms.
1 . Client ID/MID - This is a Unique Merchant Identification Number for every merchant which is allotted at the time of registration on 2 . Token (Checksum) - This refers to a random alpha-numeric string generated using a mathematical algorithm to ensure that data is not tampered along the way. Let us say a message has to be sent from location X to Shopclues server then with all the requests a secret token will be sent in the header for the identification of Merchant/User X. 3 . TokenGeneration/Authentication :- The authentication methodology used is Oauth2 which is globally well known. To know more about Oauth2, feel free to call us, mail us or use Google to find the desired information for your implementation. In this Methodology we will provide a client_id and client_secret to each mechant/user which will be unique to him. After using these details he can call our OAuth API to get his token which will come with a TTL/Expiry time after which the new token needs to be created. OAuth API request is explained below .

  • Oauth/Token creation service (for access without login):


  • Request Header : Content-Type : ”application/json”

  • Details of the fields:
Field name Description Mandatory
Header Field “Content-Type” This Header field will be sent in request header to tell the type of request parameters. Here it will be “application/json” Yes
client_id This is a Unique Merchant Identification Number for every merchant which is allotted at the time of registration. Yes
client_secret This is also Unique Merchant secret Key which will also be allotted at time to registration. Yes
grant_type Identifier to tell whats the purpose of token requested for now it will be “client_credentials” Yes

Details of return parameters:

Variable Description
access_token Apha Numberic unique access token which will be sent in all the requests.
expires_in TTL of the token provided
token_type Token type
scope Scope of token

Request Url :
Sandbox Url :

  • Request Body:
    "access_token": "f2a0991e1bf97186d07eceb7219db44ed6c1e10c",
    "expires_in": 3600,
    "token_type": "Bearer",
    "scope": "order product category"

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