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Product Feed API

The product feed API returns 500 products per API call. For the next 500 products, increment the value of page parameter in the API call. Alternatively, for the next 500 products, the API URL may be obtained from next Url attribute in the response. The total number of pages in the specified interval is obtained in the total pages attribute in the response. Alternatively, the last page in the specified interval will have the next URL attribute as "NULL". The start_date and end_date parameters in the API call are used to specify the interval between which the product feed is required. If no start_date and end_date is mentioned, by default all the active products are fetched by the API, i.e. start_date is considered to be 0 and end_date is considered to be the current date. The output formats available are JSON/XML (JSON being the default) and can be toggled using the output parameter. If only products belonging to a particular category is required, then the cat_id parameter may be used to specify the required category id.

SERVICE NAME = productfeed


Field name Description Mandatory
Header - “Authorization” Token with token type to identify user created using api call above.”Bearer bc1f461de" Yes
Header - “Content-Type” Input Content Type here it would be “application/json" Yes

Details of return parameters :

Variable Description
status Api status if 1: implies success , 0:implies fail error.
message Text response message
data Detailed information of product with all required parameters.
page Represents the page number of the products. The default value is 0.
start_date Represents the starting date of the interval for pulling products (YYYY-MM-DD)Default value is 0.
end_date Represents the end date of the interval for pulling products (YYYY-MM-DD) Default
value is the current date.
output Represents the format for the API response( Values= json(for JSON output) and xml (for XML). By default, output is JSON.
cat_id Represents the category ID for which the products are required. Only one category ID
may be specified per request. If no category ID is specified, products from all categories are
returned.Response Fields
nextUrl Contains the next URL to be called to obtain the next 500 products
noofproducts: This contains the number of products in the current response. This is fixed at 500 in this version of the API.
totalpages Total number of pages to be called
totalproducts Total number of active products
productInfoList Contains the products information

  • JSON
  • PHP
Production Url for json output -
Production Url for json output -<START_DATE>&end_date=<END_DATE>
Production Url for json output -
Production Url for json output -
Production Url for json output -
sandbox Url for json output -
sandbox Url for json output -<START_DATE>&end_date=<END_DATE>
sandbox Url for json output -
sandbox Url for json output -
sandbox Url for json output -


  "status": 1,
  "code": 200,
  "message": "success",
  "data": [
      "ID": "75870374",
      "link": "",
      "title": "Freshlook one Day 10 Lenses Pack Pure Hazel FLDDPH325",
      "Category Id": 9691,
      "price": 900,
      "Discount (percentage)": "11%",
      "image link": "",
      "Meta category": "Aspheric",
      "sale price": 800,
      "Brand": null,
      "Product Rating": 0,
      "Merchant Rating": 0,
      "google product category": null,
      "product_description": "Focus Dailies Lightstream Technology",
      "availability": false,
      "condition": "New",
      "Deal": "No",
      "Category Path": "Fashion>Eye Wear OLD >Contact Lens>Aspheric",
      "Customer_type": null,
      "Gender": null,
      "shipping_charges": 0,
      "COD": "N",
      "status": "A",
      "cod_fee": 30,
      "is_master": "N",
      "master_id": "0",
      "updated_at": "2016-04-01T09:03:17Z"
  "extra": {
    "nextUrl": "",
    "noofproducts": 500,
    "totalpages": 12715,
    "totalproducts": 6357048

Sample ERROR Response:

    "status": "401",
    "message": "Error",
    "data": null
  • Production Url for XML output -
  • sandbox Url for XML output -

Sample XML Response

<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <title>Freshlook one Day 10 Lenses Pack Pure Hazel FLDDPH325</title>
            <product_description>Focus Dailies Lightstream Technology</product_description>
            <CategoryPath>Fashion>Eye Wear OLD >Contact Lens>Aspheric</CategoryPath>


Click here for access token documentation.
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, "");
curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER,array('Content-Type: application/json',
  'Authorization: Bearer .$token'));
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);


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