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Welcome to Shopclues APIs Payment Plan

Shopclues APIs are free for a wide variety of use cases, with predictable overage pricing and usage limits for APIs and annual contracts for enterprise deployments. Shopclues Payment Plan includes access to our suite of services. It provides complete documentation for each api including developer guides and technical support.

Standard plan overview

Shopclues APIs enforce a default limit of 10, 000 requests per 24 hour period, which can be increased by activating the standard plan. With the Standard Plan, application consumes “Points”. One API hit consumes one point. If all points are consumed within 24 hour period error response is shown.

Estimating point usage:

To estimate application’s points consumption following points are considered:
- Application’s user experience
- Which APIs application uses
- How often application is used

With this information estimation of the number of credits for application can be derived.

Application’s user experience: You want to create a android application that displays Shopclues catalog of a merchant. Customers of the application can search variety of products, view individual product and can view orders placed by them.

Which APIs your application uses: For this application 2 APIs are needed.

1. Product Collection
2. Product detail of individual product
3. Order Collection
4. Order detail of individual order

Usage rates by API for sample application

API Name Usage
1. Product collection 11,000 hits per day - 10,000 free hits [0 points consumed] + 1000 additional hits [1000 points consumed] = 1000 credit points per day
2. Product detail 12,000 hits per day - 10,000 free hits [0 points consumed] + 2000 additional hits [2000 points consumed] = 2000 credit points per day
3. Order collection 15,000 hits per day - 10,000 free hits [0 points consumed] + 5000 additional hits [5000 points consumed] = 5000 credit points per day
4. Order detail 12,000 hits per day - 10,000 free hits [0 points consumed] + 2000 additional hits [2000 points consumed] = 2000 credit points per day

Credit points calculation

Total API credit points required per day = 1000[Product collection] + 2000[Product detail] + 5000[Order collection] + 2000[Order detail] = 10000
Annual credit points [CP] = 365 * 10000 = 3650000
Price Rs 20/- per 1000 CP
Total price annually for the application = Rs. (3650000/1000) * 20 = Rs. 73,000/-
Annually you need to spend Rs. 73,000/- for catalog application.

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