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Q: I am a registered seller, but I can’t see the APIs from my dashboard!

A:The APIs are not accessible from the seller dashboard. They are available at the [portal]

Q: I am a registered seller, but I am unable to log into the sandbox. What should I do?

A: Registration does not provide sandbox access. You need tokens corresponding to your seller ID's to be able to access the sandbox or production environments.

Q: How I can access the APIs?

A: Once you have registered your application on our application portal. You will get the login credentials I.e., Client Id and Client Secret.

Q: Is there any testing environment to test the app?

A: Yes, you can test your applications on our Sandbox environment. Test accounts allow the developers to execute Shopclues API requests against the production environment for development and testing purposes.

Q: Is registration required to access the testing environment?

A: Yes, you need to be registered. If you do not have a Shopclues account then you need to register yourself on first and agree to the Terms of service. Now you will use the Username and Password of the registered account on applications portal for application registration.

Q: What is access token? What is the validity of it? A: An access token is an opaque string that identifies a user, app, or Page and can be used by the app to make graph API calls.The access token is needed whenever an API is accessed to read, modify or write data. The token will expire in 3600 sec and the user will have to go through the login flow again to get a new token.

Q: What is grant_type ?

A: Grant Type specifies the authentication method used in OAuth 2.0 protocol. Use the client credentials authentication method of OAuth 2.0. The API parameters to be used are:

     Ex: grant_type: "password" 
     grant_type: "client_credentials" 

Q: What is private & public API?

A: Private: APIs that are accessible on an “invite only” basis to a limited set of third parties or software which is communicating across the public Internet – normally close partners. This puts mobile backend APIs into this bucket since although the code may be written in house, access is across the public Internet.
Public: APIs that are accessible to any party that wishes to sign up. While there may be a vetting process, it is primarily to filter out fraudulent use or competitors – for all others it is general access.

Q: What is refresh token and how does it work? What is the validity of it?

A: A refresh token is a special kind of token that can be used to obtain a renewed id_token at any time. Refresh tokens must be stored securely by an application because they essentially allow a user to remain authenticated. The validity of a refresh token is 15 days.

Q: What is SDK? Where I can get SDK?

A:Use the following link or click here to download it automatically.

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