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Catalog management

Shopclues category structure

At shopclues we follow a tree structure for categories. At the top are the Meta categories, then these Meta categories have multiple Sub categories. These Sub categories have leaf nodes which are denoted by the Leaf categories. A product can be created only against a leaf category.

Category APIs – The category APIs enable a merchant to use the Category ID or Product ID to check the product attributes such as MRP, selling price, stock count, shipping fees and product status. You can make the following API calls:

Get Category List – To get the list of categories to which a product can be associated. The first call returns the meta categories. On subsequent calls, by quoting the category id of a category, a list of sub categories for the category are returned. You can add a product in only the leaf category

Get Feature List - This would be called on a leaf category and would return the list of features associated with the category. Details of all mandatory features of a particular category need to be provided to make the product live.

Get Option List - This would give you the list of options that need to be considered for creating a variant for a product.

Catalog APIs - Fetch product list and details, add, update and delete products

Create product -' To add a new product in your catalog

Update product/Inventory - Update price, quantity and status of a product

Get product - To get list of products in your catalog and get product details for a specific product id

Types of products

There are two types of products in Shopclues which is listed below.

Products with variants

Products without variants

To manage the catalog and inventory, integrate the following APIs as per your requirement:

Process flow to create a new product

To create a product you first need to call the Get category API which returns the list of Meta categories. On subsequent calls, by quoting the category id of a category, a list of sub categories for the category are returned. In this list of categories there are certain category specific details. They are as follows:





Note: If the is_leaf_category flag is Y then it indicates that the category is a leaf category.

You can create a product for a leaf category. To create a product you would need to call the GET features API to get the features associated with the category. When you call the GET features API passing the feature id, it returns the list of permissible values for that feature. For each feature you would have the following informations.





Note: Please ignore the feature id 53

Note: has_options flag identifies what kind of products can be added to this category. If the has_options flag is Y then the products would have variants. To add variants in a product, you will have to call the GET options API which returns the list of options (Size, Color, etc) for a category. List of permissible values for each option can be fetched by calling the GET options API by passing the option id or category id.

A variant is identified by combining the option ids (eg. If there are two options namely size (id: 626) and color (id: 728) then the variant is identified by combination of the ids 626_728 which forms the key and against this key you would have to pass the quantity as the value.

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